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Follow the Bouncing Ball

October 27, 2010

I had share of CSR just before the big recovery last year. I my panic of that year I sold at a wider loss than I should have. Now I see them lined up for a profit again. Providing the market it stays the same and only my intestinal fortitude varies, this time should see a 15% upside by January.

NABI Revisited

October 24, 2010

My paranoid limit buy posted here in March went through, and I was getting ready to set a short-term limit sell, when I ran across an article on listing it as a potential doubler. Hmmm. They’ve steered me in both directions, but I’m going to bet with them today… for now.

Dot Com Crumb at the Bottom of the Box?

October 7, 2010

PRGS stock buy back plan reminded me of when there were lots of software companies nobody ever heard of that were making money. This one has good numbers, so going to keep an eye for a pull-back and see if the value is still there.




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Progress Software Corp. (PRGS)

The New Black Gold

September 23, 2010

Coal. Heard about SinoCoking and Coal from the Stock Gumshoe, and looking at the chart figure that it might pop again. It is having a short run now, but whether because of the bullish day or the push the prompted the pontification by the Gumshoe, who knows? Either way, I’ll wait for a drop and think again.

Curious About Curis

September 22, 2010

Strong pipeline, no debt. That’s what I look for in an bio tech, and another one found in the same article mentioned in the previous post.

Another Article Arousal

September 22, 2010

I like the business model description of CGEN found at an Investor Place article because I’ve spent some time with pharmaceutical and biotech companies and know how they rely on this type of data. But, like most articles I find there, they are touting the stock on the upswing and I need a dip to be cheap (lazy covered by them doing the research for me).

A Chinese Phoenix?

September 20, 2010

If they are then AMBO  could be a huge winner over the next couple of years. This one was sniffed out by the Stock Gumshoe, and I highly recommend his article where he dug it up.

Will the Phoenix Rise From the Summer Ashes?

September 18, 2010

It was a summer of paranoia, so I’m expecting Apollo Group (APOL) to beat analysts expectations and take a brief jump up after the earnings announcement in October.  But I also don’t see this as a good long-term hold if unemployment has not dropped, because then the government finance incentives will trickle away the stock will go back down. Just my guess, place your bets the way you see fit. I’m going to sell on October 13 if the jump I predict occurs.

Forget Dessert, I want a Dividend

September 10, 2010

Ok, good Fool article on Domino’s today. I sometimes like their pizza, though a local mom-and-pop as stopped me from ordering from them since I can get better taste for only slightly more money and less convenience (I really love the Domino pizza tracker).  Still, with no dividend, I have to wait for a drop to bite into a slice of this pie.

Will You Get Hooked?

September 8, 2010

The Stock Gumshoe dug HOOK out of a Buried Treasures teaser this week. I can see the argument for and against.  While I don’t like their product, I do like the upside potential with either arrangement with InBeverage that the article describes.

They are way to high on the their 52 week path for me right now, but a drop could make for a good pop.